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Fuel Your Caffeine Fix and Excite Your Taste Buds With Our Guatemalan and Ethiopian Roasts!

Before we get into the details about our exciting upcoming coffee selections, it’s only fair to share that we actually roast our own coffee and it is all organic! You might be wondering why that is even important and so here goes a bit of technical feedback that we hope you find interesting. Well, for starters, many of the benefits of drinking freshly roasted coffee do not stop at just tantalizing your taste buds. Based on a variety of research, some of the best things that can be benefitted from indulging in low to moderate doses of caffeine range from potentially lowering the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, potential for positive effects on heart health and for some people even improved digestion.

Unlike pre-ground coffee that has departed the factory weeks if not months ago, the essential health benefits, flavor profiles and distinctiveness have all been lost by the time you brew it. If you have ever had freshly roasted coffee, you would know the major difference in smell, strength and personality that this type of brew has over store bought brands.Why is that important you might ask?

The nutrients and oils found in freshly ground coffee beans are what help to facilitate the aforementioned potential benefits to your body, in addition to simply just tasting better. The roasting process brings out the amazing scent and flavors that are stored inside the green coffee beans. Okay, speaking of scents and flavors, let’s get into these Guatemalan and Ethiopian (Yirgacheffe to be specific) roasts that we have on deck. You might be wondering just what Yirgacheffe coffee is. To put it simply, it is first and foremost named after a town in Ethiopia. The bean itself is from southern Ethiopia and is grown at elevations from 1,700 to 2,200 meters above sea level. It is considered the best high grown coffee within its region. Okay, so on to taste...

When experiencing Yirgacheffe coffee, you can expect to experience flavors of: berries, nuts, chocolate, lemon or even wine. It’s been found that Yirgacheffe’s sweet flavor also tastes delicious with chocolate. If you’re interested in indulging, it has been noted that it obviously pairs very nicely with sweet treats. The pairing with chocolate is what is supposed to help bring out its wine notes. Try a cup of Yirgacheffe coffee with some of our tasty Vegan desserts to experience its full flavor.

Now onto the beans that are grown in Guatemala. This particular flavor profile is said to typically have tasting notes that indicate a caramel-like sweetness with a mixture of cocoa and chocolate. Coffee in Guatemala is grown at an altitude of over 5,000 feet, which helps to explain its bold and distinctive flavor. In addition to the altitude, it’s grown in volcanic soil which provides unique nutrients and helps to facilitate the dream-like environment to make it arguably some of the best tasting coffee there is. Visit us today in North Park or our new Drive-Thru Location in South Park at 3030 Grape Street!

More Information on Yirgacheffe Coffee Can Be Found Here: LINK

More Information on Guatemalan Coffee Can Be Found Here: LINK

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